woman fashion

woman fashion

  • Let's figure out what's the fashion?

    Fashionmia New CollectionAre we always thinking about what's the fashion? Sometimes we follow a trend on the name of fashion but it's wrong. Fashion is something you like and you feel comfortable after wearing that. It's not about the trend to follow celebrities and other guys, It's only about you. How you wear your clothes and what's your personality, sometimes we can become the trend for everyone if we follow our heart and choose whatever we like. Clothes, wearing, and other stuff related to fashion is not only something to decorate your body and you, It tells a lot about you. So let's explore some cool dresses to get a feel of free fashion.

    V-Neck Solid Double Layer No Pockets Maxi Dress

    V-Neck Solid Double Layer No Pockets Maxi Dress

    Are you working woman and trying to find something that gives you a decent look at your workplace? So your search ends here because this is one of the decent and cool dress you can wear with your beautiful outfits.
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    The dress having long ending and v neck gives you a really unique look and it's really comfortable to wear also so click on below link to know more about this dress and make sure you order this dress.


    Round Neck  Belt Decorative Button  Plain Skater Dress

    Round Neck Belt Decorative Button Plain Skater Dress

    Are you a founder? Are you planning to go to a meeting with the client? Do you want to look professional and decent? This is one of the best and elegant dresses to wear in meetings. The color is really decent and the combination of black and smooth grey gives it really perfect look so wear it with your best outfits and sandals. Click on below link to know more about this dress.
    Fashionmia New Collection


    Fashion is really important for your personality so explore more and more about fashion on blogs fashion section, please share your feedback in a comment section below and mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for advertisement.



  • Your perfect Light Jacket for a Spring!


    Are you waiting for a spring?

    First rays of the sun are already!

    So which is associated with it? You need a new spring LIGHT jacket!



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    We offer you unique and comforlable ladies and men's LIGHT JACKETS

    Find the perfect model for yourself and enjoy the Spring!

    It's just the time when we don't have to wear thick jackets anymore. Heavy jacket, scarves, gloves – you can hide it deep inside a wardrobe. Now you need light jackets in which you will feel great and comfortable. Our products are modern and have a beautyfull and unique details. In addition it was very fashionable!

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