Artificial intelligence helps in caring for dogs

Artificial intelligence helps in caring for dogs

One of the Portuguese startups is developing a dog food crate project that informs the pet owner about the correct feeding of the pet. Thanks to the artificial intelligence model, the device helps to better care for the health of your pet.

As reported by the regional television Porto, the food crate was configured with an artificial intelligence system and the animal owner's smartphone. The gentleman is informed by the application on an ongoing basis about the need for food of his pet, and also watches over the correct diet of the animal.

The device is able to warn the owner, among others against obesity of the pet, and also reminds him to visit the vet.

The authors of the box called Barkyn Home have already announced the internationalization of the concept. They plan, among others start selling in the Italian and Spanish markets in autumn.

The management of the Porto-based company believes that as the device's functions expand, its popularity should grow. They indicate that among the innovative solutions for food crates for dogs there are, among others the option of self-ordering the feed from the producer by the device.

The box, available for sale from February on the Internet, available at the price of 99 euros, also allows for quick contact with a veterinarian, as well as with dog trainers in order to develop an individual training for a quadruped. Ultimately, the innovative device will cost 199 euro.

Co-founder of the company that produces an intelligent box for food for dogs, Andre Jordao reminded that the batteries installed in the device allow the device to operate independently for two months.

From Lisbon, Marcin Zatyka (PAP)

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