Australian TV cut off due to a cyberattack

Australian TV cut off due to a cyberattack

One of Australia's most popular television stations, Nine Network, fell victim to a deliberate cyberattack on Sunday. The broadcast was discontinued, and the station's websites were also attacked in a sophisticated way, the Nine Network reported.

The scale of the attack is unprecedented in the history of Australian media - the station writes on its pages. It was added that the case is being investigated and criminal activities or the activity of entities from another state are taken into account.

"There are about 30 organized crime groups in Russia, which earn about $ 2 billion each year from such attacks," comments network security expert Paul Twomey for Nine Network.

The station said the attack prevented the current work and broadcasting of information, but the television was working to resume broadcasting. "Our IT department is constantly working to get the systems back up and running," said Nine Network. It has been added that hackers have paralyzed the operation of television and the company's internal system, and partially of websites, while the radio service is working. (PAP)

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