Authorities can force Facebook to share messages?

Authorities can force Facebook to share messages?

The UK authorities are considering forcing Facebook to introduce the so-called a back gate that would allow secret services access to messages, including encrypted messages, sent via Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, the Guardian sources working in the industry said.

The Guardian said the UK Home Office would use the special power of "Notifications of Technical Opportunities" to compel the platform to develop a system to monitor conversations.

"Notifications of Technical Capabilities" were introduced in the Investigative Powers Act of 2016 governing the government's powers to spy and hack. They require telecommunications companies and internet providers to provide access services to the so-called "backdoor" to their systems. According to the "Guardian", it is believed that Facebook has not succumbed to this power of British authorities so far.

The Ministry of the Interior has not confirmed this information, but - as "Guardian" reported - argues that Facebook products can be used by, inter alia, pedophiles. He emphasizes that you should be especially careful with the end-to-end conversation encryption tool, i.e., disappearing messages, in the Messenger app. “End-to-end encryption is a threat to the security of users and society. This would prevent access to the content of the news and severely limit the ability of tech companies to deal with illegal content on their own platforms, including child abuse and terrorism, the ministry said.

According to Facebook, end-to-end encryption is "a leading security technology used by many services to protect people from hacking and theft of their private information." She described her plans to implement this feature in her messaging applications as a "long-term project" (PAP)