Casio launches the new G-SHOCK watch

Casio launches the new G-SHOCK watch

 The finish on the outside of the watch highlights the beauty of the material; It - A special watch with a multi-coloured bezel and an ion-plated bracelet.

TOKYO, March 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / - Casio Computer Co., Ltd. today announced the launch of the GMW-B5000TR watch, a new product in the 5000 series square, metal and shockproof watches with a new titanium alloy specially developed for the needs of G-SHOCK watches.

The exterior of the GMW-B5000TR watch uses a new titanium alloy TranTixxii ™, a product intended for industrial design applications. As part of the ongoing search for advanced materials for G-SHOCK watches, the new titanium alloy was developed in collaboration with Nippon Steel Corporation as a result of 6 years of research and development. This special alloy is about twice as hard as pure titanium, but still retains its lightness and anti-corrosive and antiallergic properties. This high level of hardness allows a mirror finish comparable to stainless steel on titanium, which has been difficult to achieve with this method. The result is the first titanium G-SHOCK with a glass bezel and a mirror-finish bracelet.

The same properties that produce a mirror steel finish also provide expressiveness that enhances the beauty of ion plating. Casio used the advantages of this advanced material technology to create the first all-metal watch with multi-colour ion plating. The gold case with an ion-plated coating contrasts with the polychromatic plating of the individual segments of the bracelet and buttons in shades of red, light and dark grey, with the addition of even more gold, as well as in a new shade of navy blue, adding to this metal model the freedom that characterizes the design of watches G-SHOCK. The multi-coloured dial enhances this impression.

The GMW-B5000TR watch is equipped with a Smartphone Link function that allows automatic time synchronization, display of the time in different time zones and many more user-friendly functions. The innovative design is accompanied by excellent practicality, thanks to the original Casio Tough Solar power system, Multiband 6 radio receiver and fully automatic LED backlight.

TranTixxii ™

It is a titanium brand jointly developed by Nippon Steel Corporation and partner companies. Materials created with TranTixxii ™ titanium emphasize the great aesthetic properties achieved with the material manufacturing technology that Nippon Steel has amassed through its steel manufacturing business. Nippon Steel is the third-largest producer of crude steel in the world and the largest producer of steel in Japan.

The TranTixxii ™ logo is a registered trademark of NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION and is used by Casio Computer Co., Ltd. under a license agreement.

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