Here’s how to add italics and bolding to your WhatsApp messages

Here’s how to add italics and bolding to your WhatsApp messages

Most of us must be knowing this trick, of how to make  Whatsapp messages in bold or italic form. To the ones unaware, it's very much interesting !! On trying it you'll be using it again and again. We have bought some tricks,  how to make your chat bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace.

This option can be suitable on both iOS and Android, this is basically done by holding down your finger on the text you want to change. There are inbuilt formatting options into your phone's keyboard

Here is some basic formatting:

1.Use asterisks (*) to embolden a word:

IMG SRC: tnw

To make a particular sentence or word bold in whatsapp put those words between * 

Eg: *Hey, are you free?*

You can even make just a single word bold or the whole chat bold by using (*).

2.Use (_) to make the word slant or italic


To make your whatsapp chat look different you can even go for (_) . The text would be in italics.

3.Use tildes (~) to strike it


It can be used to show the passive aggression to the ones you are sending messages on whatsapp

Eg: ~strikethrough~

4.Use three back-ticks (`) to message in Monospace

IMG SRC:techmesto

Your chat will look different from the normal format which Whatsapp provides.When you'll send a message in this way it will really bamboozle your contacts



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