Hillstone Networks a leading provider of network security solutions

 Hillstone Networks a leading provider of network security solutions

The X8180 offers outstanding performance, security services, and overall efficiency in a 3U format.

SANTA CLARA, CA .-- (BUSINESS WIRE) -  Hillstone Networks, a leading provider of enterprise network security solutions and risk management, announces a breakthrough in data centre security -  Hillstone Networks X8180Customers can now secure their networks with even better performance and energy efficiency, achieving high reliability, scalability and adaptability, closed in a small format. 

As the number of remote workers and data resources moved to the cloud grows, and the popularity of IoT products grows, today's security area is constantly evolving and the field for attacks is expanding. 

“Safety remains the number one issue for any enterprise. Securing your data centre is absolutely crucial, but it's just as important to keep up with today's customer expectations, said Tim Liu, Technical Director and Co-Founder of Hillstone Networks. "We've listened to our customers and proudly present the x8180 - a solid platform at a good price." 

The X8180 requires less capital investment and is less expensive to maintain without compromising on enterprise features. The 3U format provides high bandwidth per U unit and low power consumption per Gbps bandwidth, with power to bandwidth ratio of 2.9 with a maximum power consumption of 1000W. Ideal for service providers, large enterprises, government and carrier networks, the X8180 is fully distributed and supports multiple virtual systems with a full feature set to protect data centre networks. 

The greatest advantages: 

1. Small size, high efficiency: 450 Gbps bandwidth; 130 million concurrent sessions; 2.5 million new sessions / s;

2. Expandable and adaptable: 10 / 100GE interfaces with 25 / 40GE support; up to 1000 virtual systems; dual-stack, tunnel, DNS64 / NAT64, etc; 

3. Intelligent functions2: flexible architecture supports SDS; preventing hijacking and control within the botnet network; seamless connection with cloud platforms. 

More information : 

Further information on the full Hillstone X8180 benefit package is available here

Hillstone Network 

Hillstone Networks' enterprise network security and risk management solutions provide the visibility, intelligent features and protection that enable enterprises to comprehensively recognize and understand cyber threats and take immediate action to address them. Recognized by leading analysts and trusted global enterprises, Hillstone's products and services cover end-to-end solutions for businesses, from Edge distributed resource architecture to cloud technology, thereby reducing the total cost of acquisition and operation. For more information, visit  www.hillstonenet.com

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