How to remove Apple’s Siri search history from iPhones

How to remove Apple’s Siri search history from iPhones

Recently the Cupertino tech giant was among the headlines concerning its robust voice assistant, Siri. According to research, several numbers of third-party contractors are having access to it. From sources, it's been said that these vendors do have access to the voice recording of distinctive iPhone users. Now all this leak of confidential data puts the privacy of users at risk. Apple also announced that it will now not run a grading program rather the company is going to run some internal tests. Obviously, none of the Apple users would be comfortable with the fact that their personal data is leaking. Users can definitely get rid of this issue..


The first way is just to disable the virtual voice assistant service completely. However, if some of the users still want to use the Siri voice assistant service, then they have to follow specific protocols.

 The second way is to delete Siri search history is stop using safari browser though it is open.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Search for Safari app option
  • Click on clear history option

Alternatively, if you also want to delete Siri search history then 

  • Go to setting option
  • Click on “Siri” option which is located in the General tab
  • Hit disable option
  • Again move to set an option
  • Select the General tab in addition to the Keyboard option
  • Disable the dictation option

This will delete the search history of Siri. According to Apple, a few proportions of Siri request is monitored to analyze and improve the service.


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