New Twitter feature to post tips for valuable posts

New Twitter feature to post tips for valuable posts

The social platform Twitter has launched a feature whereby users can send money to authors of posts they like. Critics point out that the new feature may include compromise data privacy.

The "tip jar" feature is, as the company justified, "a simple way to support extraordinary voices that enrich conversations." Its beneficiaries are the accounts of "creators", that is journalists, experts, and non-profit activists. A new feature (currently available only in phone applications) allows you to easily select a payment method such as PayPal.

The BBC noted that the innovation was criticized, however - a security expert from Social Proof Security noted that it could reveal private information such as email addresses whether or not money has been sent. She also pointed out that payments are transferred via external systems, which makes private data even more dangerous. For example, PayPal allows you to know the address of the person being tipped.

The function may also arouse controversy among journalists who should not accept gifts for their work. The "BBC" indicated that it is not known how the "tips" for publicists will be judged by media organizations. "It looks like the + tip jar + on Twitter could cause a lot of problems for newsrooms," Politico journalist Ryan Lizza wrote on his Twitter account. (PAP)

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