Robots will use UV light to disinfect airplane

Robots will use UV light to disinfect airplane

Swiss start-up UVeya and Dubai-based company Dnata, which provides services to airports, are testing robots that use UV light to kill viruses on board airplanes. This is to restore passenger confidence and reduce the losses of the tourism industry caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to "The National News" in the United Arab Emirates, the tests are being carried out on Embraer planes of the charter Helvetic Airways owned by the Swiss billionaire Martin Ebner.

"It's a proven technology. It has been used for over 50 years in hospitals and laboratories. It is very efficient. It leaves no traces," said UVeya co-founder Jodoc Elmiger.

The Elmiger team built three prototypes, one of which was demonstrated in a Helvetic Ariways jet at Zurich Airport, where traffic dropped by 75% in 2020. One robot can completely disinfect an aircraft in 13 minutes, although this time can be extended with larger machines.

Elmiger estimates that the robots will be sold for approx. 15 thousand. Swiss francs (almost $ 16,000). Dnata is counting on aircraft designers to sign contracts to use the technology as governments seek ways to travel by air without risking disease. (PAP)

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