Students of the Silesian University of Technology have developed a prototype of a disinfecting robot

Students of the Silesian University of Technology have developed a prototype of a disinfecting robot

A prototype of a disinfecting robot was developed by students of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice from the Students' Scientific Club for the Application of Artificial Intelligence AI-METH - the university announced on Friday.

"It is a caterpillar robot. The use of such a solution gives a great opportunity to move around various terrains. Sidewalks, as well as compacted roads, lawns, overcoming small obstacles, are not a problem for him. The platform itself was built on the MTR robot, which was created a few years ago in our scientific circle. This is a continuous development of this project "- explained the project leader Przemysław Olszówka.

The robot will be controlled by a communication system allowing contact up to 250 m in an urbanized area and up to 1 km with the antennas visible through the system and devices by the operator. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery that allows it to work for about 3 hours, during which it can move, perform manipulations with a manipulator and disinfect areas with both a pointed nozzle and a set of nozzles located on the front part of the rover's body. The device has an application on which the image from the cameras is displayed, which allows the operator to observe the surroundings, control remotely, avoid obstacles and at the same time locate the places to be disinfected.

However, decontamination of the indicated areas is not the only possibility of using the robot. "The idea that guided us, apart from disinfection, was also to preserve all transport and handling properties, i.e., for example, handing over parcels with food or other materials to centres that, for example, are undergoing a pandemic" - indicates Przemysław Olszówka.

"We can imagine using this robot to capture dangerous objects, to move them to another location. Such special applications are also possible. If the robot was expanded, it could also be used to move people out of a dangerous situation by grabbing and dragging them to a place where it would be guaranteed security "- added the scientific supervisor of the project, Dr. Eng. Piotr Przystałka.


From the beginning of the epidemic, the Silesian University of Technology has been involved in the fight against the coronavirus. Already in its first weeks, employees using 3D printing techniques prepared helmets and masks with HEPA filters. Scientists from the Silesian University of Technology have also developed other solutions, including ozonation, decontamination gates, an autonomous assistive system in infectious hospitals, screening systems for measuring temperature with the use of thermal imaging cameras, automatic resuscitator, COVID-19 diagnostic imaging support system, respirator with RespiSave telemetry function, HEPA filter sterilization chamber and online system for collecting questionnaires on disorders in people suspected of being infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus. (PAP)

author: Anna Gumułka

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