The best-paid technologies in the IT industry in 2021

The best-paid technologies in the IT industry in 2021

IT specialists' salaries are constantly soaring. Therefore, No Fluff Jobs, a portal with advertisements addressed to them, decided to check how the medians of their remuneration were shaped by technology in 2021 - which were the most and which were the least profitable. It turns out that cybersecurity specialists can count on earnings of up to 23,000 this year. PLN + VAT. In turn, Senior Data Architects, working in the niche MongoDB technology, can count on earnings of up to PLN 50,000. PLN net + VAT.

The ten highest-paid IT specializations in 2021

The No Fluff Jobs portal, based on the advertisements posted on it, has compiled a list of the ten best-paid categories in the IT industry in the period from January to July 2021 - due to the fact that the B2B contract is more preferred by IT specialists, it gives greater flexibility and possibility earnings higher by about 3-4 thousand PLN in comparison with the employment contract, they were analyzed in terms of this form of employment. 

It includes people working in the following categories: Security (PLN 18.9-23.1 thousand net + VAT), Artificial Intelligence (PLN 17-23 thousand net + VAT), Business Intelligence (PLN 16.8-22 thousand net) + VAT), DevOps (PLN 16.8-22 thousand net + VAT), Big Data (PLN 15.1-21.8 thousand net + VAT), Mobile (PLN 14.7-20 thousand net + VAT) ), Backend (PLN 14-20 thousand net + VAT), Fullstack (PLN 14-20 thousand net + VAT), Agile (PLN 15.1-19.3 thousand net + VAT) and Project Manager (PLN 14-20 PLN 18.9 thousand net + VAT). 

Less paid categories, which were outside the top ten, are, according to No Fluff Jobs: Frontend (PLN 13-18.9 thousand net + VAT), Embedded (PLN 11-18.4 thousand net + VAT), IT Administration ( PLN 13-18 thousand net + VAT), Gaming (PLN 8-17.6 thousand net + VAT), Business Analysis (PLN 13.4-17 thousand net + VAT), Product Management (PLN 13-17 thousand net + VAT) + VAT), UX (PLN 10-14 thousand net + VAT) and IT Support (PLN 8.5-12.6 thousand net + VAT). Tomasz Bujok, CEO of No Fluff Jobs, emphasizes, however, that there are positions where the offered salaries reach up to 50,000. PLN net + VAT.

-    The demand for IT solutions makes companies fight for the most experienced specialists in the industry, providing them with the best possible employment conditions. Interestingly, technologies that were niche just a few years ago are now becoming extremely desirable. Hence the high salaries of specialists in artificial intelligence, big data and cybersecurity  - says  Tomasz Bujok, CEO of No Fluff Jobs.  - The maximum salary in the IT industry is usually around 18-20 thousand. PLN net (+ VAT) for B2B and about 3-4 thousand. PLN less gross on UoP. However, there are offers with much higher remuneration, although there are not many of them. They relate to positions such as Technical Business Analyst, which ranges from 33,000 to 39,000. PLN net + VAT, Senior Swift Developer - 38-42 thousand. PLN net + VAT or Senior Data Architect (MongoDB) - 45-50 thousand. PLN net + VAT.  

How to enter the IT world? Java is the most popular technology in junior job offers

Choosing the right path in IT is often a problem for those who want to enter the industry. No Fluff Jobs, checked which technologies in the current year appeared most often as requirements for juniors, i.e. taking their first steps in it. They turned out to be Java (29%), .Net (16.2%) and JavaScript (14.8%). SQL (13.8%), HTML and CSS (11.5%), Python (11.2%) and PHP (10.6%) were off the podium. Beginners who want to develop in technologies such as React (4.4%), Angular (3.8%), Selenium (3.4%), C ++ (3.2%) and Android (2.6%). Marek Psiuk, CTO at No Fluff Jobs, tells you how to find your first job in the industry and what to do to make your career in IT gain momentum. 

-  Currently, many roads lead to IT. In addition to the obvious path, i.e. IT studies, you can go through the re-industry process and / or complete the course, take part in bootcamps, and even become self-taught  - says  Marek Psiuk, CTO at No Fluff Jobs.  - The key to success lies in the right approach. You need to follow the IT job market and focus on categories that are gaining popularity every year: testing, business analytics, big data, cybersecurity and blockchain. It is also worth checking the requirements for specific positions and developing your skills in line with market expectations. You can also take part in various types of projects or create your own to gradually build a portfolio, develop skills and be able to show your best side to recruiters. 

The offered remuneration amounts included in the report are net monthly rates on the B2B contract. The salary statements presented are the medians of the upper and lower brackets offered in IT job advertisements on the No Fluff Jobs portal, published from January to July 2021.

Source of information: Dominika Baranowska 


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