The MiG-29 is operational and flying

The MiG-29 is operational and flying

The MiG-29 plane is operational and performs flights - said the spokesman of the General Commander of the Armed Forces Lt. Col. Marek Pawlak on Tuesday at the training ground in Nowa Dęba (Podkarpackie Province). He added that one plane was not shot at by another.

On Tuesday, the Onet portal wrote that on May 14, during training flights at the training ground in Nadarzyce, the MiG-29 plane mistakenly fired a fighter with which it was flying from a 30-millimeter cannon.

Lt. Col. Pawlak said on Tuesday that in mid-May there was "an air incident on a MiG-29 plane at the central training ground of the Air Force in Nadarzyce." "There was no shooting of one plane by another in this event," he emphasized.

The spokesman noted that the plane that took part in this incident, as well as the entire incident, was investigated by the State Aviation Accident Investigation Commission. “The report is not ready yet. I can only say at the moment that the plane is operational and flying. I repeat again, the plane was not under fire by another plane ”- repeated Lt. Col. Pawlak.

According to the spokesman, the committee must answer what exactly happened. "We are waiting for the report" - said Lt. Col. Pawlak, who confirmed media reports that the pilots did not notice anything disturbing during the flight and it was only the technician who noticed the dent in the lower part of the fuselage after landing.

“The lower, right part of the fuselage was damaged. The aircraft is already operating normally. The dent has already been removed, ”said Lt. Col. Pawlak. reported that "the pilot of the MiG-29 fighter by mistake shot the machine with which it flew in tandem", as a result of which not only the plating but also the frame was damaged, which was important for the strength of the entire structure, which, according to the interlocutors of the portal, would mean that the plane not suitable for renovation. According to the interlocutors of the portal, the incident proves that "there was a problem with the training of the crews and the application of safety rules by them". (PAP)

Author: Wojciech Huk