Training market in the era of coronavirus

Training market in the era of coronavirus

With the onset of winter, the second wave of the SARS COVID-19 pandemic hit all of Europe. The restrictions are a challenge for many employers who have to train their employees on an ongoing basis, both remotely and stationary.

This is where VR and 360 technologies come in handy, which are increasingly being used by HR departments and training companies.


The increasing presence of VR technology in training results not only from the lack of other possibilities in the face of the pandemic. It turns out to be a training tool that allows you to get amazing results, so you can be sure that it will stay with us for years. The most important distinguishing feature of this technology is that it provides not only knowledge transfer but a hands-on experience. VR training participants are more involved in the learning process, which translates into faster learning. The information obtained during the VR training is better remembered and more often applied in practice after the completion of the training than that obtained in traditional conditions or on the screens of computers or smartphones. Virtual reality is a safe environment that allows you to freely practice soft skills,

Occupational health and safety, medical, onboarding and development training are successfully implemented on the basis of VR technology. In response to the growing expectations of the training market, Fream has created Everyplace, a platform for independent creation of VR and 360 content and its remote presentation. Thanks to Everyplace, companies can reduce the cost of creating VR solutions, which have so far been treated as one of the main brakes in the popularization of this technology. Also with the development of VR technology, the costs of acquiring 360 content decrease. An example is Ricoh cameras, such as ThetaV or Z1, which take 360 ​​photos and videos, which are an excellent basis for the rapid creation of VR and 360 content.

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