Watch- Disney’s new anti-vibration tech maps CGI movements onto actual robots

Watch- Disney’s new anti-vibration tech maps CGI movements onto actual robots

Disney Researchers have emerged with Mapping CGI motion animations to actual robots. Creating virtual characters with a broad degree of motion can be easily done. The movements are then translated to real robots which are actually challenging due to constraints such as weight, placement of different mechanical parts, size and many such.

Researchers explained, the combination of fast motions and unavoidable structural deformation which leads to mechanical oscillations that affect the performance of robots. Using traditional animation software to robotic characters our goal is to automatically transfer motions, said researchers.

Disney came up with a solution to this problem they invented a special motion where unwanted vibrations get suppressed.

Then this product is tested on five different robots which also includes a child-sized animatronic figure with dynamic drumming and boxing motions.


Dynamic response of physical characters are captured well by simulators, says researcher. But still, it's been observed that there is a certain deviation between the physical system and simulated dynamic which is leading to small residual vibrations.

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The new method which was illustrated at a computer graphics conference was SIGGRAPH 2019. There is a video above for more description check it out. Now, it's not new for the entertainment giant to come with such ideas as it has toyed with robots before.

Implementation of a one-legged hopping robot and an ultra-realistic Avatar-themed animatronics has previously showcased by Disney