Long-term car rental is available not only for companies

Long-term car rental is available not only for companies

Anyone who has a contract of employment will be able to take advantage of the Arval Service Lease Polska offer and use the car on the terms previously available only to companies. We are talking about long-term rental, which is an alternative to buying a car.

As part of the rental, for a specific monthly instalment, the customer gets a new car with a mileage limit tailored to his individual needs. “The consumer rental offer is addressed to people who value comfort and their own time - those who prefer real benefits over formal vehicle ownership. They have a car at their disposal, which is enough to refuel. We will take care of the rest, ”explains Robert Antczak, CEO of Arval Service Lease Polska.


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Arval provides OC and AC insurance, 24H Assistance, a service package and a replacement car in the event of a need to repair the car or if it is stolen. Customers can also take advantage of fuel programs and solutions facilitating vehicle administration as part of the MyArval mobile application.

This type of rental is available to individual clients employed both for an indefinite period and those on a temporary contract. In the latter case, it is required that the rental period is shorter than the rest of the employment.

“Consumer rental is a way of full mobility at a fixed and attractive price. The cost of insurance itself, which the driver would have to pay if the car was purchased or leased, corresponds to 2-3 instalments. Arval's offer is also an opportunity to drive a high-class car without spending a large amount on it, ”says Łukasz Niemczuk, retail director from the small and medium-sized enterprises department of Arval Service Lease Polska.

Car rental begins with choosing an offer on the website  www.leasing-konsumencki.arval.pl  and filling in the contact form. A representative of the company contacts the interested person and presents the rental conditions in detail. After submitting the application and presenting documents confirming employment and the amount of earnings, the credit analysis process begins. After accepting the application, Arval delivers the car to the customer.

The consumer rental offer is part of the company's new strategy - Arval Beyond.

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