3 Most Haunted Places in USA | Must Visit Before Your Death

We all know there are many haunted places in the world which are visited by most of the guys who like thrill and suspense in their life and for those guys only I am gonna write about 3 most haunted places in the USA. 

San Fernando Cathedral S04ERG

San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, Texas

The oldest church in Texas holds memories of dark nights with this. When construction workers went there for renovation they found bones, nails, guns, and soldiers dead bodies there. Many times tourists also told they have seen shadows of someone and some unknown person in camera pics but now it's one of the places for tourism and many people visited that church every year but no one has guts to inside in night.

If want to explore the place and try something thrilly and full of suspense.



Mizpah Hotel Cr Courtesy

Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah, Nevada

Mizpah hotel opened in 1907 as one of the most beautiful hotels of Nevada's with all kind of luxuries. But there is a history of hotel shown by in new furnishing which is red blood colour actually women died in that total on the fifth floor after that many guests had seen a woman in the red

http://www.tqlkg.com/image-8076976-13243412colour dress, whispering of someone in their ears, and shadow of red dress woman but this hotel is always open for guest and staff is saying she never harm anyone so if you want to explore the place you can go and stay there for a night.


Moon River Brewing Company EFW1WT

Moon River Brewing Company, Savannah, Georgia

Thought about one of Savannah's most spooky areas, the Moon River Brewing Company has assumed numerous jobs previously turning into the larger house/eatery it is today. The building started as a lodging in 1821, at that point filled in as a doctor's facility for yellow fever exploited people amid the Civil War. Obviously, the building saw a great deal of death amid that time, and many trusts a portion of that shocking vitality still waits. Huge numbers of the eatery's visitors have detailed seeing a lady in period garments gazing down from the highest point of the staircase; different sightings incorporate an insulting soul named "Toby" in the storm cellar, and a soul named "Mrs Johnson" upstairs. In any case, as long as you adhere to the fundamental level, you ought to have the capacity to make the most of your brew in all-out harmony.




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