3 Spectacular Destinations in Europe to Celebrate Late Winter

3 Spectacular Destinations in Europe to Celebrate Late Winter

Winter season is the most romantic and loved by many individuals. If you look forward to an adventurous skiing trip then this post is for you. We hunted down some friendly places where winter lasts longer and ended up in Scandinavia and Iceland.In order to still find amazing ski slopes, explore white nature, enjoy a sauna or be enchanted by the northern lights.

1.Rovaniemi, Finland


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It's rumoured that this place is Santa Claus birthplace. The small city offers a number of exciting possibilities for spending time outdoors, from farm visits, Husky tours, sauna experiences, skiing or ice fishing. All these make Rovaniemi an interesting  place to visit for the tourists


2.Jukkasjärvi, Sweden


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In the region of Lappland, located in this small village Jukkas where you can visit and witness the season. Known as Icehotel far the world’s largest igloo, built every year all over again in October next to the Torneälven River. The hotel lasts until the temperatures rise significantly above zero in May and then melts back into the river.

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3.The South Coast of Iceland


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The entire Ring Road offers memorable landscapes in winter,South coast is safer and friendlier during winter. From horse riding and ice cave tours, hiking trails winter stays here until May sometimes.

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