4 Best Attractions For Couples In Phuket

4 Best Attractions For Couples In Phuket

Hey!! Are you are Traveholic and not gone anywhere since last few months or years. So, we've fetched Phuket Destination this time. Phuket is known for its wonderful beach destination. One of the facts about it is that Phuket is blessed with more than 30 amazing beaches. Wow!! So, if you are planning for a honeymoon or just thinking of taking a short vacation with your spouse Phuket is sure to offer couples a romantic getaway. With many cities and island within Phuket, have a look with us to the 5 Best Attractions for Couples in Phuket which will definitely make your romantic adventure perfect!

1.Phang Nga River


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This river is mainly famous for adventure sports especially white water rafting is the most popular adventure sport there. Although there are no large rivers in Phuket Phang Naga is a good place to enjoy. It is almost 80km from Phuket. Those who are new to rafting and other adventures will have a guide and some basic training for safety purposes. The beautiful scenery at the river will provide you comfort and you will get to have some romantic time with spouse.


2.Similan Islands


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The Similan islands are often known for its sandy beaches, corals, clear tropical water. This island is famous for its fun activity called snorkelling. Snorkelling here is fun because of its crystal clear water, both soft and hard corals and amazing view. Don’t forget there are many more just than coral reefs especially the array of bigger marine species -most popular eateries. When you snorkel on the island don’t forget to follow the safety instructions and enjoy the sightseeing of manta rays, turtles, snappers etc.

3.Siam Niramit Show


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Siam Niramit Show is a place where one can discover Thai cultures and traditions. There are shows on their history with an awful combination of colours, Thai music, and acting. They display their village life, and many pre-show attraction like kickboxing show, a grand parade with elephant rides. One of the best shows one should watch in Phuket.

4.Sunset Dinner at Kata Noi Beach


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Nothing can be more beautiful than a dinner date with your spouse. The calmness of the beach along with your better-half will make your trip more interesting and this is the best way to make them feel special. They serve you a good long list of cocktails at reasonable prices. The main course includes much of seafood which is flavoured with chilli peppers and steamed sea bass in lime juice. They also serve international dishes, the northeastern cuisine is very popular among the tourists here.

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So, what are you waiting for? Come On take a step closer to make your relationship stronger, and Phuket will be the best option you can opt for. Remember “ In life, it's not where you go it's who you travel with.” Memories with your love will be the best part of your life!!


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