5 tips to take attractive holiday photos

5 tips to take attractive holiday photos

Currently, almost all of us have a smartphone that can take great photos in good hands. The development of technology has made everyone can be a photographer these days. So we have really good cameras at our disposal, which can often compete even with professional equipment. It's important to stick to a few rules that will make your photos take on a new quality.

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  1. Pay attention to the light.

Photography is painting with light. One of the most common mistakes is taking a picture of people in the bright sun when it is at its zenith. The sharp light shining at an angle of 90 degrees causes very ugly looking shadows around the eyes. Of course, we don't always have control over it, but if it's possible it's good to take a picture in the shade. One hour before sunrise and sunset is a very good time to take pictures. This is the so-called golden hour.

  1. Turn on the tripod on your smartphone.

Most users have split the grid turned off by default, but it is very helpful if we know how to use it. The tripartite tells us where the frame’s strong points are. People subconsciously direct their eyes towards the intersection points of the dividing grid.

  1. Pay attention to the surroundings and frame with an idea.

Avoid taking photos that show unattractive things in the background. Maybe it sounded too obviously but very often it happens that behind the photographed person you can see, for example, a trash bin. Such an oversight causes the second plan to become the first, effectively diverting attention from the person. Do not cut your legs, arms, forehead, or other body parts, it just looks bad. Of course, there are exceptions to each rule and skillful pruning may be a good idea but only if it is a conscious action.

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  1. Avoid using wide-angle mode when photographing people.

Wide-angle causes distortion. Objects photographed in the center will be wider than in reality. Rather, no one would be pleased that the camera added a few extra pounds to it. Therefore, if there is such a possibility, it is better to go back a few steps to capture the whole thing than switch to a wide-angle mode, which works great in landscapes and room photos.

  1. Clean the lens before taking a picture!

We often forget that the key to a clear photo is a clean lens. The phone in your pocket rubs against other objects, which collects dirt on it. Caring for the lens is a basic issue, so you should buy a case thanks to which the lens will not protrude beyond the body of the phone. In this way, we will protect the lens from scratches that affect the quality of the photo.

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