8 Ways to Get Paid or free for Travelling

Get Signup Bonus of Credit Card

Are you using a credit card? So if you are, you can earn free air rides by earning bonuses. Even many times you will get free rides as a signup bonus for credit cards. If you are spending from a credit card, you can earn free luxury rides from airlines in offers this will gives you the flexibility to travel free for that place. So always keep your eye on offers if you are travel lover.

Get Paid For Mountain Trips

For this, you don't have even have to know how to ski, because here you will get free mountain passes to learn these things. In the mountains, there are many hotels who are hiring seasonal staff for hotel work on a temporary visa. This the best chance to live in a place of your dreams in free of cost and get paid for your work. Popular spots for seasonal work are New Zealand, Mammoth, California, Vali, and Colorado. You need to start searching early before the season because they are filling fast. You can check out NZSki.com for vacancies in New Zeland which is one of the amazing places.

Volunteer to Speak English

If you know English very well, there are many colleges and companies organizing a training session for their students and employees to learn English. You can get invited there and get free board room or conference hall to stay after the event. You will also get free food with some pay. But for this, you need to speak English very well. Places like Germany, Spain, Poland, and all are cool places to get this kind of works during your journey.


CouchSurfing is the platform where you can find good hosts to connect and spend a night or some day in their houses for free. This is one of the best ways to find someone like you and request for a stay by using the website. In this, you will get your own room to stay and a new friend who will tell you everything about the local native place. You can choose your couch according to the previous customer ratings and feedbacks.

Become an AU Pair

For travelers, it's the best way to join a family as an AU Pair because when families traveling with their kids they need English speaking nanny or caretaker to take care of their children. You will get free room, food, and some amount of money in return for this. Search for AU Pair World on Google and you will get many families who are looking for this. You can also search by filtering countries and get potential match according to your requirement. This will make your travel beautiful for sure if you love kids. 

Become Instructor

If you have skills and you can instruct guys to learn that skill, it's more than amazing because you will personally enjoy the activity and get paid for that. So if you have skills like surfing, rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, and many others. If you speak more than one language it's very amazing because you can easily earn money with this.


House Sitting

House sitting is one of the great options I know you can't believe but it's true in many places guys are looking for house sitters to take care of their houses when they are outside for vacation. This is the best option to stay at the place for long without paying rent. Sometimes you get paid to look after the house with free accommodation.

Free Walking Tours

If you are traveling to a country you know a lot about, especially the significance of monuments within a particular area, historical moments and are well versed in the culture, why not take a dabble at being a walking tour guide. Many of the guided tours are free, but basically you work for tips. While the tips may not be very much money, it can very well cover the cost of your meals for an entire week.

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