Boeing's recommendations to suspend the flights of the 777 aircraft

Boeing's recommendations to suspend the flights of the 777 aircraft

After United Airlines temporarily suspended all its 24 Boeing 777s with Pratt & Whitney4000 engines on Sunday, the same was recommended to all carriers by their manufacturer, Boeing Co.

These decisions and recommendations were made after Saturday's failure of one of the two engines of United's Boeing 777 flying from Denver to Honolulu, Hawaii. The right engine of the machine caught fire shortly after take-off. Fragments of its structure fell to the ground in the Broomfield area, near Denver. The pilots of the plane with 241 people on board, however, managed to return to the airport and land there.

No one was killed or injured. One of the passengers of the plane was filming a burning engine from the window where he was sitting. The published photos made a great impression all over the world.

The machine was produced 26 years ago.

In a published release, Boeing recommended that 69 operations and 59 stored 777 Pratt & Whitney4000-112 aircraft should be suspended until the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has developed an appropriate inspection protocol.

The issuance of such a protocol was previously announced by the FAA, which recommended that all Boeing 777 aircraft be tested for urgent flights.

Preliminary tests of the aircraft by specialists from the Federal Transport Safety Authority (NTSB) show that the engine failure was mainly related to its turbine and housing, and the aircraft itself suffered only minor damage.

After Saturday's incident, information came to light that faults of this type of engines had occurred in the past. (PAP)

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