Do you know Mielno is the coolest place for the safe vacation

Do you know Mielno is the coolest place for the safe vacation

Beach holiday? Mielno still on the wave!

Where to spend time at the Polish seaside this year? We present a summary of the 7 best attractions, 7 best hotels and 7 best restaurants!

The name Mielno - Mëllen - appeared for the first time in documents in 1266. In 1804, Mielno was bought by the Schmeling family. Max von Schmeling, a popular boxer at the beginning of the 20th century, was a popularizer of the Mielsk bathing resort - he defeated in 1936 by knockout king of world boxing Joe Louis and became the champion of the world of omnipotence. He was also the president of the Mieleński Bathing Association, and also supported the initiative to build a heated swimming pool. In the years 20-30 of the nineteenth century, the role of small bathing beaches began to fulfill Unieście and Mielno.

7 best attractions in Mielno

1. Lighthouse in Gąski
2. Church of the WNMP in Sarbinowo
3. Promenade in Sarbinowo
4. Treasury of the Fishing Village in Chłopi
5. Indicating boulder 16 - Meridian in Chłop
6. Educational and recreational path "Forest Loop of Adventure and Secrets in Mielno"
7. Jamno Lake

7 best hotels in Mielno

1. Blue Marine Mielno - ul. Generała S. Maczka 32, Unieście
2. Villa Mors - ul. Niezapominajek 3, Mielno
3. Baltivia Sea Resort - ul. Cicha 9, Mielno
4. Royal Park Hotel & SPA - ul. Wakacyjna 6, Mielno,
5. Medical SPA Sanatorium UNITRAL - ul. Piastów 6 Mielno, 
6. BALTIN ​​HOTEL & SPA - ul. Akacjowa 31a Mielenko,
7. Family Resort Sarbinowo - ul. Południowa 6 Sarbinowo.

7 best restaurants in Mielno

1. Biała Dama Restaurant
2. Dune Restaurant Cafe Lounge
3. Polish Kitchen 
4. La Palma
5. Bar Temptation
6. Cow Burger
7. Knajpa PRL

See Mielno at 360 ° from a bird's flight.

360 Mielno




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