Eiffel Tower Zip Line Reinvents Adventure Travel in Paris

Eiffel Tower Zip Line Reinvents Adventure Travel in Paris

On the second floor of the most iconic moment of Paris, a free zip line has been erected. France is giving the opportunity to fly through the air from the tower. Gliding along the 800m-long wire in just 60 seconds, the zip line will whisk the visitors. Generally, the ride is meant to mimic the trajectory of a tennis shot where a player slams the ball over the net. The ride eventually falls to just 17m starting at 115m high. There are 100 of rides done every day by the travellers to gain thrilling experience. If you wanna ride this your height must be at least 140cm and you must be above 18 years of age.


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Open tennis tournament, where the ride is meant to mimic a tennis shot where the player is allowed to slam over the net. The travellers at this thrilling ride are 115m high. The organizers here have planned plenty of surprises for travellers. The Espace Perrier will show the French Open on a giant screen and serve cocktails.

The 320 m tall Eiffel Tower has gone to become one of the iconic pieces of architecture and a plane to visit once.


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The three floors can be visited by the tourists and to the most thriller visitors out there you can ascend as high as the second floor via the 704 stairs of the south pillar.

The Zipline here at the Eiffel Tower in Paris is gaining attention all round the world . It not only provides you with sightseeing but also one of the most thrilling rides. To all the tourists out there this time a Visit to the Eiffel Tower in Paris can be the best place for you..


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