Ever Heard of place where are not allowed to Die? We have 5

Cugnaux in FRANCE


image source: https://in.musafir.com/



image source: https://in.musafir.com/

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This town in Italy where the citizens were not allowed to die was because they did not have a cemetery of their own. Though they decided to poke the neighbor city to share which was charging more to them.

Itsukushima in Japan


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Situated in Japan, this land is termed as the religious town of Japan, the law says that neither a person should take birth here nor he should die. The law was placed around the 1870s and is still in its place.

Lanjaron in Spain


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As in the late 1990s, the officials ordered the public that dying would not be allowed in the town, and they should take care of their health anyhow. This bizarre announcement was done as the mayor got to know that there is a shortage of cemetery land.

Longyearbyen in Norway


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This beautiful and mesmerizing place which is situated in Norway neither allows the citizens nor the tourists to die there. As it is a place with quite a low temperature, the bodies which are buried or decomposed
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 there desiccates themselves which gives a real reason why death is not allowed in this part of the country! Even if a death occurs, people have to take the body in another part of the country to decompose it.