Feet off the Ground: 3 Peaceful Tree Houses You Can Rent

Feet off the Ground: 3 Peaceful Tree Houses You Can Rent

In this hectic and vibrant city life, we are totally lost. Early morning rushing to office, school or for any other work we don't have the time for self-love. Self-love can be achieved when you are on a lap of nature and everywhere there is just peace. Nature can teach you simplicity, patience and calmness.

Imagine, you are sleeping peacefully in a treehouse and you wake up through the sun's rays which shines on your face. Everywhere there's silence and birds singing their praise songs and trees swinging to the fresh breeze.

If you want to convert this imagination into reality then you should definitely compare your notes with this article.

#Treehouse Point, Washington, United States


IMG SRC:treehouse point.com

Treehouse is where you can connect directly with nature. This treehouse point in Washington is known as a happy point on nature. Treehouse point is basically a small resort which offers five different treehouses that visitors can choose from. The builder here is Pete Nelson, famous treehouse builder. They generally offer visitors a chance to spend a night between mighty trees and join their cultural events. The tree-houses are so fantastic that it becomes difficult for the travellers which one should they choose out of 5.

# The Treehotel, Harads,Columbia


IMG SRC: Sweden

This beauty is called Nest. Oh, you've never looked a treehouse-like this before. The dragonfly, blue cone and Micro cube all the units have unique designs. The travellers here can enjoy the view of Like river, sauna treatment and of course European buffet.

#Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island, British Columbia


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This treehouse is just fantastic. Just look at the design Tom Chudleigh is genius ,he is trying to design this structure from so long ago.The treehouse is made up of wood and protected with a fiberglass. Near the Qualicum Bay, British Columbia, Canada this property is rented.

Sometimes it's  good to be yourself and connect with nature….


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