Heat wave in Hungary - bonfires are banned

Heat wave in Hungary - bonfires are banned

Speed ​​limits for trains and a ban on lighting fires were introduced on Thursday in Hungary due to the heatwave. The intensive use of air conditioning has resulted in record electricity consumption in the summer.

Hungarian State Railways (MAV) introduced train speed limits to 40-80 km / h on some routes, which significantly extended travel time on these sections. For example, driving to a village in the eastern part of Lake Balaton takes 30-60 minutes longer.

MAV emphasizes that the temperature on the tracks is controlled and that if it reaches 45 degrees C, monitoring on this section is enhanced. According to specialists, at a temperature of 50-60 degrees C, deformation of the rails may occur.

The Hungarian National Food Chain Safety Bureau (NEBIH) announced the introduction of a ban on lighting fires throughout the country from Thursday due to the drying out of forest litter. The ban also applies to places designated for lighting fires.

NEBIH warns that in Hungary 99 percent. fires are caused by people, so be careful with e.g. cigarette butts.

Due to the heat, air conditioners are turned on more often. For this reason, the record for the use of electricity during the summer period has been broken twice in recent days. On Wednesday it amounted to 6,814 MW after Tuesday 6,660 MW. The energy company notes that the summer energy consumption records are slowly approaching the winter record of 7119 MW in Hungary.

On Wednesday, the heat record for 23 June was broken in Hungary. The temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius was measured that day in the villages of Dombegyhaz in the Bekes county on the border with Romania and Berettyoujfalu in the Hajdu-Bihar county in the east of the country.

From Budapest Małgorzata Wyrzykowska (PAP)

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