Ireland / Last four countries removed from traveler 'green list'

Ireland / Last four countries removed from traveler 'green list'

The Irish government on Thursday removed the last four countries from the "green list" of travelers, those that, upon arrival, have no travel restrictions. No country meets the conditions to be considered epidemically safe anymore.

In mid-September, the Irish government introduced new criteria for creating the so-called green list. The condition for recognizing a country as safe is that, according to the data of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the number of coronavirus infections in the last 14 days may not exceed 25 per 100,000. residents.

After the previous update, a week ago, four countries remained - Cyprus, Finland, Liechtenstein and Latvia, but on Thursday it was stated that there is currently no country below the maximum level. Changes in the rules for departures to and from these countries will come into force at midnight on Sunday night.

The Irish authorities recommend that you refrain from traveling to non-listed countries unless absolutely necessary, and if you return from one of them, stay in one location for 14 days and avoid direct contact with other people and other social situations in as much as possible.

For a week - between September 21 and 27 inclusive - Poland was also on the list.

On Thursday evening, the Irish health ministry said 506 new cases of the coronavirus had been detected in the last 24 hours and there had been one death from Covid-19. This is the fourth time in the last six days that the number of infections has exceeded 500 (of which it was twice as high as 600). Previously, such daily levels took place at the end of April. Overall, 40,086 infections have been detected since the start of the epidemic, 1,817 of which were fatal.

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