Or maybe ... a holiday in Szklarska Poręba?

Or maybe ... a holiday in Szklarska Poręba?

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Runners' paradise

Szklarska Poręba is the largest climatic station in Lower Silesia. The conditions here can be compared to the values ​​of alpine villages situated at an altitude of 2,000 m above sea level. Strong winds blowing in a specific terrain, often change the air. Thanks to this, it is clean, and the surroundings of forests and numerous streams make it also saturated with aerosols beneficial for humans. The thinned air stimulates the growth of red blood cells (hemoglobin), and this again has a positive effect on the condition and endurance - extremely useful on long hiking trips.

Tens of kilometers of varied cross-country trails, including the most famous Droga pod Reglami in the Karkonosze Mountains, is a paradise for professional and amateur runners. The city's athletics stadium with a tartan track is the highest located in Poland. It is perfect for training, warming up and playing small sports competitions in perfect climatic conditions.

Rafał Kotylak2

fot. Rafał Kotylak

Classic skiers can run in the cross-border Jizera Mountains on over 150 km of professionally prepared cross-country trails. Easily accessible from Szklarska Poręba – Jakuszyce - you can reach the city center by train - they are the best center for practicing this sport in Poland. The routes are cultivated in such a way that they all form loops and allow many individual combinations.

A cyclists' paradise

The Jizera Mountains are covered with young forests and surrounded by a dense network of forest roads. They are perfect for riding a bike. Professionals are satisfied with them, but most of all parents with children. The routes have small elevations and offer views of the neighboring Karkonosze and local mountain meadows resembling the landscapes of Norway. Opened in 2019, the single track - a winding, sometimes difficult, scenic and very attractive new bicycle route, together with the neighboring systems of this type of routes, provides the thrill-seekers with an increase in the level of adrenaline.

Bicycle Land :

450 km of bicycle paths

20 marked routes

8-50 km - the length of individual routes

8 km - the longest descent

1150 m above sea level - the highest point on the routes

Fot. UM Szklarska Poręba
Fot. UM Szklarska Poręba

Tourists' paradise

The chairlift on Szrenica is the gateway that opens the mountain landscape all year round. Tourists and skiers can take it from the city to the highest mountain in the vicinity of Szklarska Poreba, reaching 1,362 m above sea level. The climb up facilitates the hike - it saves time and energy for the further journey through the Karkonosze Mountains. Riding the train alone - on an open chair - provides many pleasant experiences of communing with nature: forest, birds, blue sky.

Hiking to Szklarka or Kamieńczyk Waterfall, Śnieżne Kotły and Wysoki Kamień provide an unforgettable experience and make tourists want to return to Szklarskie Poręba and get to know it even better.

Kamil Kasperowicz2

fot. Kamil Kasperowicz

Collectors' Paradise

Thanks to the rich deposits of quartz and wood resources in Szklarska Poręba, glass has been smelted for centuries, from which miracles of glass art were created. The first glass factory was established in the 14th century. Over the centuries, generations of metallurgists have perfected glassmaking until they managed to recreate the forgotten art of Italian grandmasters - millefiori. Today, these traditions are continued by the Leśna Huta glass factory , where glassware, ornaments and glass figurines are made by hand in front of tourists. The masters use old tools in their work.

The Sudetes, including the Karkonosze and the Jizera Mountains, have been visited by foreign treasure hunters from Venice, Padua and German countries for centuries. Szklarska Poręba, due to its location and its glass-making traditions, has also become a mineralogical center. More than 50 minerals can be found in the Karkonosze and the Jizera Mountains, and many have noble and semi-precious properties, e.g. amethysts , mountain crystals , and agates .

7 tourist attractions:

  1. Szrenica and Śnieżne Kotły
  2. The Kamieńczyk waterfall
  3. Szklarka waterfall
  4. Viewing platform - Złoty Widok
  5. High Stone
  6. Chybotek
  7. Viewing platform - Death Turn

7 Hotels in Szklarska Poręba:

Fot. UM Szklarska Poręba
Hotel Kryształ Conference & Spa
Fot. UM Szklarska Poręba
Fot. Maciej Chyra, Fot. UM Szklarska Poręba
Czarny Kamień RESORT & SPA
Fot. Maciej Chyra, Fot. UM Szklarska Poręba
Fot. UM Szklarska Poręba
Sasanka ***HOTEL & SPA
Fot. UM Szklarska Poręba
  1. Czarny Kamień RESORT & SPA
  2. Sasanka *** HOTEL & SPA
  3. Hotel Kryształ Conference & Spa
  4. Blue Mountain Resort
  5. Interferie Sport Hotel Bornit
  6. Hotel Jakuszyce *** Sport & Spa
  7. Hotel Europa Górnicza Thatch

7 best restaurants in Szklarska Poręba:

Fot. UM Szklarska Poręba
Fot. Julia Ciechanowicz
Fot. UM Szklarska Poręba
Fot. Julia Ciechanowicz
Fot. Julia Ciechanowicz
Fot. UM Szklarska Poręba
Fot. Julia Ciechanowicz
  1. Alfedo
  2. Restaurant 654 m above sea level
  3. Glass Cottage
  4. SPOT
  5. Michael's Inn
  6. The Sztufada Bistro
  7. Backgrounds

Top 7 Cycling Routes:

  1. 1 - Little Szklarska Loop
  2. 5 - Karkonosze Express Pod Reglami
  3. 13A - Jizera Valley Route
  4. 7 - Two Rivers Loop
  5. Single Track Szklarska
  6. 8 - At the Foot of the High Ridge
  7. 6 - Trzy Jawory Loop