Passport boom during the Delta era

Passport boom during the Delta era

Despite the new, more dangerous, and ever faster spreading mutation of the coronavirus, Poles are storming offices to get a document entitling them to travel outside the Schengen zone - writes "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna" on Wednesday.

According to the data of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, which was published by "DGP" on Wednesday, in June 2021 passports were collected by almost 150.5 thousand. people. "This is three times more than in June last year and the most since the epidemic began in Poland (i.e. from March 2020)" - the newspaper notes.

"On the other hand, the normal level of interest in passports is still a bit short of. In June 2019, almost 196,000 were issued, and in May 2019, almost 228,000." - gives the journal.

As we read, through traffic in voivodeship offices, the Ministry of Internal Affairs ordered voivodes to extend their working hours. "According to the Ministry of Interior and Administration, passport applications can also be submitted on Saturdays," writes "DGP".

"The number of documents issued may suggest that at least some applicants are planning holidays outside the Schengen area. That would mean that they are not particularly concerned about the Delta variant of the coronavirus, which is starting to spread across Europe and which may be the main reason for the fourth wave of infections. probably most of those who leave our country are vaccinated. That is why the Polish authorities intend to stick to the current strategy "- he adds.

The newspaper recalls that the Delta variant has already been detected in 85 countries. "According to experts, in the early autumn it may become the dominant variant of the coronavirus in the Old Continent. The British are finding out for themselves, who have accelerated their vaccination program to fight the spreading virus" - he says. (PAP)

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