Polish tourists enter Croatia without tests and quarantine

Polish tourists enter Croatia without tests and quarantine

Due to the fact that the entire territory of Poland is on the ECDC green list, Polish tourists can enter Croatia under pre-pandemic conditions, i.e. without tests and quarantine, the Croatian tourist information center announced on Friday.

In the message posted on Facebook in Polish, the Croatian Tourist Board clearly states that entry without additional restrictions is possible only for people who come to Croatia directly from countries or regions that are placed on the so-called the green list of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). In addition, they must also not show signs of disease or come into contact with infected people.

Currently, all Polish voivodeships are marked green on the map, but also all regions of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, as well as part of Croatia. The entire territory of Slovenia is marked in orange.

If people traveling to Croatia from countries on the green list will have to pass through a country / region that is not listed on the green list on the way, it will be necessary to prove at the border that they were only transited through them, we read on the Croatian Ministry of the Interior website. The communiqué of the Croatian Tourist Board clarified that confirmation of transit and non-stopping in an area not included on the green list may be confirmed, for example, with "proof of payment for motorways, fuel bill, etc., on the basis of which it will be possible to determine the exact travel time through these countries / regions ".

People coming to Croatia from the European Economic Area, but from areas that are not on the ECDC green list, must submit a negative antigen test result no older than 48 hours ago. or PCR performed at the earliest 72 hours. before arriving. Instead of a test, you can show your Covid-19 vaccination certificate or an infection test. Children up to 12 years of age accompanying parents who meet the entry conditions may cross the border without any certificates and tests. Croatia, like Poland, already uses the EU Covid Certificate system, which facilitates the presentation of certificates.

Croatia is not part of the Schengen area, so you must show a valid passport or ID card at the border. When entering, you must also complete a location form; this can be done online in advance, which will facilitate the border procedure.

Updated every Thursday, the ECDC map helps to provide a coordinated approach to travel across Europe in times of pandemic. Regions of countries (voivodships in Poland) are marked in green with a 14-day rate of new infections per 100,000. inhabitants are less than 50, and the percentage of positive coronavirus tests is less than 4%. or with a new infection rate of less than 75 and a positive test rate of less than 1%.

In the event of changes to the ECDC list and the possible marking of any of the Polish voivodeships with a color other than green, in order to enter Croatia without a test and quarantine, you will have to present a document in English at the border confirming your residence in the voivodeship covered by the green zone - it was noted in the release. )

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