Some of the most Mysterious Places on Earth

San Luis Valley


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The San Luis Valley desert in southern Colorado is so strange, it even has it's very own Google Map featuring different paranormal movement that has been accounted for there. A flying humanoid was seen in the desert in 2009, there have been numerous bigfoot sightings throughout the years, and it's home to a farm that "figured unmistakably in the [animal] mutilation influxes of the '70s."


This generally delightful valley — the biggest snow-capped valley on the planet — has been possessed by people (or outsiders?) for a huge number of years. One sign of this is the winding stones of obscure inception that measure many feet long and contain shakes so huge that it would require a well-organized exertion to put them.

In any case, maybe the most irregular element isn't powerful in any way, it's simply unusual. The northern piece of the valley floor contains the 40-square-mile Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, which includes the world's tallest hill at 750 feet. Geologists experience serious difficulties clarifying the cause of the sand, yet they think it might've been blown in from the Rio Grande riverbed toward the west. Adding to the interest is the way that the sand is probably the most flawless silica on Earth, and has an unmistakable mineral organization, not at all like whatever else in the valley.
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Skinwalker Ranch


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Few if any presumed UFO sites are as rich with conspiracy as the one formerly owned by billionaire Robert Bigelow in the Utah wilderness 150 miles east of Salt Lake City. It helps that a movie in the found-footage genre called “Skinwalker Ranch” was filmed there in 2013 and that the ranch was featured in the “Extraordinary Beliefs” documentary series. Add that to decades of mysterious sightings and encounters, and you have (allegedly) a full-fledged government cover-up in plain sight.

Whether you believe in extraterrestrials or paranormal activity, there’s no denying the bizarre at Skinwalker Ranch, where there have been reported sightings of UFOs, Bigfoot-type creatures, animal mutilations, unexplained lights, poltergeist activity, and crop circles. These things have been reported throughout Uintah County, but are in the highest concentration around the ranch.

The ranch was named after the Navajo legend about harmful witches who disguise themselves as, turn into or possess any animal.

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Crooked Forest


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There are an inquisitive minimal woods in far-western Poland close to the German outskirt where trees develop at a 90-degree edge at their base — and nobody knows why. This puzzle is doubly captivating on the grounds that the Crooked Forest, as it's known, is encompassed by a non-slanted woods of trees that develop straight up in a typical manner.

The Crooked Forest trees were planted during the 1930s and encountered their modified circular segment around seven to 10 years after the fact. Charming speculations place that the trees are the aftereffect of extraterrestrial impacts or a gravitational draw that works like no other on Earth.

The all the more exhausting and likely answer is that people did this, maybe wanting to reap the trees for shipbuilding. The reason nobody knows without a doubt is that the age of the trees and their conceivable human control match straightforwardly with World War II and the Nazi attack of Poland, which basically cleaned the city of Gryfino off the guide until a power plant was built there during the 1970s and brought back inhabitants.

Subsequently, nobody living there now would have any memory of the Crooked Forest's beginnings.

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