This year's vacation will be record-breaking for the tourism industry

 This year's vacation will be record-breaking for the tourism industry

The holidays did not work out, so Poles think about holidays. "We have already reached the level of 2/3 of last year's bookings for July and August," report experts of the portal. The growing interest in holidays and a travel voucher is a hope for the industry to recover from the collapse.

According to the data from, the closer to the end of the current restrictions - until January 31, 2021, the greater the interest in trips.

“Poles are getting ready for a vacation away from home in 2021. If tourism starts, we don't rule out breaking the record. We have already reached the level of 2/3 of the reservations from July and August 2020, "says Natalia Jaworska, expert of the booking portal.

As he emphasizes, the increased interest may result from lower accommodation prices. Apparently, the hoteliers decided to compete for the guests with the price. At the moment, you can book a place cheaper than last year. For example, the average booking price for a one-day holiday stay in Zakopane dropped by over 1/3, from PLN 61 to PLN 40 per person. In Karpacz, from 77 to 53 zlotys. It is also cheaper at the seaside. Last year, a holiday overnight stay for one person in Kołobrzeg cost an average of PLN 72. Now it's 51 zlotys. In Gdańsk, the drop in the average price year on year is slightly smaller - from nearly PLN 80 to PLN 70 per night.

“This means that for a week-long trip of a family of four to Zakopane, this year we will pay PLN 1120 instead of PLN 1708. This is a big difference, and taking into account the addition of a tourist voucher, this offer becomes available to many families ”- enumerates Natalia Jaworska. "We are seeing a growing interest in the travel voucher: in mid-January, we recorded an increase in payments for accommodation with the voucher by 140% from week to week," he adds.

Financial factors are certainly a significant incentive to book a holiday vacation in advance. Emotional issues seem to be equally important. The last few years before the pandemic brought a noticeable increase in the interest of Poles in travelling in various forms: from city breaks to family holidays in the country or abroad. “We got used to leaving and now we just miss it. This can be seen in our survey, carried out via social media. To the open question >> Where do you want to go << most people answered >> anywhere << ”- emphasizes the portal expert

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