The Canadian government has officially allowed Santa Claus to fly over

The Canadian government has officially allowed Santa Claus to fly over

In the villages of Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the country's ministry of transport issued an official announcement that it would allow Santa Claus to fly in Canada's airspace despite the coronavirus pandemic.

In Canada, the total number of COVID-19 cases is close to half a million, and several provincial authorities have introduced further restrictions in recent days. Nevertheless, doctors and politicians alike emphasize the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, so in recent days, adults have officially assured that despite the restrictions, Santa Claus will appear in Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked on Twitter on Twitter Health Minister Patty Hajdu about Santa Claus (in English) or Pere Noel (in French). "I have more and more questions about Santa Claus. People want to know if he can travel safely through Canada this year. I know you are working on this dossier with the Ministry of Health, so what do you think?"

Canada says Santa Claus is located on its territory, not in Rovaniemi, Finland. The Canadian Post website has an official address: Santa Claus / North Pole / H0H 0H0 / Canada. A postcode, written with letters and numbers like all Canadian postcodes, can also be read as "ho ho ho". The time to send letters to Santa guaranteeing a reply expired this year on December 10.

The city of Toronto has requested that Santa and his reindeer be exempt from quarantine. In British Columbia, the chief physician of the province, Dr. Bonnie Henry, assured the children last week that there would be no obstacles to the delivery of gifts, although it was better not to leave Santa cookies in accordance with the tradition. And in the capital city of Ottawa, the city authorities announced in a press release that Santa Claus had obtained a travel permit.

The country's chief physician, Dr. Theresa Tam, tweeted a recording of her conversation with Santa, in which she informed Santa that he had been deemed an "essential worker."

In response to the Prime Minister's question on Twitter, Public Security Minister Bill Blair said that he had spoken to the border authorities and added that "the work performed by Santa was considered necessary for families in Canada, so there are no restrictions on his entry into country; border officers know that he will appear, but let's check with Mark Garneau "(Canada's Minister of Transport - PAP).


A moment later Garneau replied, who wrote that "Santa's sleigh has been overhauled and his pilot's license is up to date, ready to take off and allowed to start for the holidays." An official announcement from the Ministry of Transport appeared on the website of the Canadian government, which assured that "Santa washes his hands and keeps a distance of two meters from the elves, covers his face when distance cannot be kept, and has installed the COVID Alert application on his phone. and there are additional safety measures during a pandemic, such as a health check and a temperature measurement before the sleigh takes off. "

The prime minister continued the party and assured him that he would check the state of affairs again before Christmas.

In Canada and the USA, not only politicians take Santa Claus seriously every year, but also the military. NORAD, the North American Space Defense Command that makes up the US and Canada, is involved in overseeing the Santa flyby, and on Wednesday NORAD released an official announcement on the state of preparation for "tracking Santa's travel while giving away gifts around the world." It has been assured that despite COVID-19, "NORAD Tracks Santa is operating as planned and NORAD will log Santa's travels on December 24, as it has every year since 1955." Last year, the NORAD website was visited by nearly 9 million people looking for information about Santa.

From Toronto Anna Lach (PAP)

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