"Vaccine Luxury Tourism" to Dubai is flourishing

"Vaccine Luxury Tourism" to Dubai is flourishing

Some wealthy Spaniards go to the United Arab Emirates to vaccinate there against Covid-19, even though officially foreign tourists were allowed to do so in the UAE until January 12, and currently, according to the country's embassy in Madrid, vaccines are currently only available to citizens and residents - writes the daily ABC.

As the Spanish newspaper emphasizes, despite official assurances, "you can get everything for money here (ie in the UAE - PAP)".

The vaccine shortage and the recent Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Spain slowing down are encouraging travel to Dubai, the daily said.

According to "vaccine tourists" interviewed by "ABC", in the UAE "foreign tourists can also be vaccinated, especially in private clinics in small emirates," although the country's health ministry has assured that the vaccine is only available to residents of the country. According to the information from the UAE embassy (in Madrid - PAP), this process is + strictly monitored + ”by the government - the newspaper writes.

The Spanish Federation of Travel Agencies (CEAV) has stated that no travel agency in the country has yet offered a "vaccine vacation". However, according to sources from the luxury travel agency Team 3, "once all Dubai citizens are vaccinated, this type of tourism will come to Spain."

This may come soon as the UAE vaccination campaign is progressing faster than in Europe. As reported by the UAE embassy in Madrid, the government in Dubai wants to vaccinate more than 50 percent. inhabitants in the first quarter of this year.

Currently, the UAE ranks second in the world after Israel in terms of the percentage of the population vaccinated - 29 percent. population (53% in Israel), and the total number of infected is estimated at approx. 300 thousand. people.

A pioneer in luxury "vaccine travel" is one of the private British clubs, which offered its members a personalized travel package to Dubai worth 55,000. euro per person. The package includes the costs of a flight, a butler and a 3-week stay in a top-class hotel - this is the time it takes to receive two doses of Pfizer vaccine.

"You spend a few weeks in a luxury hotel, enjoy the sun, get a vaccine and a vaccination certificate, and that's it," he encouraged the club to take advantage of the offer.

The controversial "vaccine tourism" sparked an avalanche of comments on social media about the ethical side of the venture.

From Saragossa Grażyna Opińska (PAP)

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