Italy: Discounted tourist offers for people working remotely

Italy: Discounted tourist offers for people working remotely

Tourist villages, guesthouses and hotels in Italy offer remote workers to rent apartments and rooms at very discounted prices. The initiative aims to revitalize the tourism industry in times of severe pandemic crisis.

Tuscany, Apulia, Molise - it is from these regions, among others, that invitation is sent to people who work remotely and - as all indications are due to the constant increase in infections - will not return to their offices for a long time.


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The number of such offers is growing because more and more municipalities and accommodation structures want to take advantage of the opportunities they see in the new form of work, which in Italy is called "smart working".

For example, the Mayor of Otranto in Apulia, Pierpaolo Cariddi, invites, together with the local tourism industry, Italians and foreigners to move to the picturesque land of Salento and set up offices overlooking the sea.


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"Beautiful days, peace and slow rhythm of life make it the perfect moment to make such a decision" - encourage the authorities, and the package also includes free internet.

Another proposal was prepared by Santa Fiora, located eight hundred kilometres north, near Grosseto in Tuscany, considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. As an additional advantage, it praises the recently installed fast internet. Local authorities will pay half of the cost of renting a home to those who wish to move there with work. As they explained, they want to turn the entire town into an area of ​​remote work.

At a time when people increasingly appreciate staying away from crowded cities, there are also many proposals to donate houses for symbolic amounts.

The mayor of Castropignano in the small Molise region, Nicola Scapillati, has decided to donate a hundred houses in the historic centre for € 1 to both Italians and foreigners on the condition that they promise to restore them.

"Currently, about 900 people live here, we have been struggling with depopulation for decades, and vacant houses are still standing," explained the mayor. He announced that he had sent the offer to Italian embassies in Europe, the USA and China.

From Rome Sylwia Wysocka (PAP)

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