Top 5 Unbelievable Places Actually Exist

Pack your bag for Unbelievable Places

 Mount Roraima, South America

Mount Roraima, South America


Mount Roraima is a flat-topped mountain located between the borders of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. Mount Roraima is also one of the oldest geographical formations on Earth. The 9 miles long mountain consist of 400 meter tall cliffs on all sides. As it rains almost everyday on the top of the mountain number of highest waterfalls also located in the site. The unique landscape also home to number of rare plants in the world.

The beautiful landscapes, dense forests, rare plants and moderately difficult trekking makes Mount Roraima to one of most interesting destinations for tourists. Mount Roraira also a part of South American National park. It is illegal to pluck flowers and plants from the mountain range.

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 Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Tunnel of Love


Tunnel of love is the one most interesting and romantic place in Ukraine. It is located in the town of Kleven. It is a place where you can see the perfect fusion of great architecture of nature and men. In fact it is 3 km length railway line surrounded by trees like tunnel. It is actually passage of train itself causes the formation of the tunnel.

The tree corridor of Ukraine mainly attracts photographers and lovers. Many of lovers believed that their love life become success if they visit tunnel of love with true passion. So tunnel of love considered as the most romantic place in the world.

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 Hitachi Seaside park, Japan

Hitachi seaside park


Hitachi seaside park is a flower paradise located in Ibaraki city in Japan. Hitachi flower park spread across vast area of 190 hectares. The park is  known for blooming of flowers around the year. The flower paradise of Japan features wide varieties of flower. Baby blue eyes flowers is the main attraction of the park, blooms 4.5 millions of baby blue flowers in the fall.

Hitachi flower park also include wide varieties of daffodils, tupils and many other flowers. This flower paradise is also provide small amusement parks for kids and beautiful trails for tourists.

Tianzi Mountains, China

Tianzi mountains China

Tianzi mountain is located in Hunan province of China.  The word ‘Tianzi’ means ‘Son of heaven’. It covers total area of 16650 acres. The mountain range is widely popular for it’s thousands of legendary peaks. The highest peaks in the mountain range is 1262 meters above sea level.

Tianzi mountain is also known as the monarch of the peak forest. Each peaks of Tianzi Mountains are provide stunning view through scenic rocks and plants at the top. The floating clouds, radiance of moon lights, reflecting sunshine are the another focusing sights from Tianzi mountains.

 Algarve Cave, Portugal

Algarve cave, Portugal


Algarve cave is the stunning seaside cave located in Algarve of Portugal. The Algarve cave is formed by the continuous action of sea waves. It is one of the largest wave-cut caves in the world. Algarve cave stands like a shelter on the seashore and faces action of waves all times. The in and out action of sea waves and filtering of sun lights through the holes becomes interesting attractions at Algarve cave.

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