Online premiere of "Mrs. Dalloway" from the Drama Theater - December 11

Online premiere of "Mrs. Dalloway" from the Drama Theater - December 11

This Friday, the online premiere of the newest performance by Teatr Dramatyczny Warsaw. It will be "Mrs. Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf directed by Magdalena Miklasz.

"The novel written by Virginia Woolf in 1925 is considered her most representative work. The fascination and inspiration for this work manifested itself many times in films and literature, but the adaptation of Magdalena Miklasz is the first stage adaptation of the novel in Poland" - we read in the information sent to PAP by Weronika Doboszyńska from the Dramatic Theater of the Capital City of Warsaw.


She reminded that the premiere will take place during the 40th Warsaw Theater Meetings, which this year are taking place online. "+ Ms Dalloway + will be broadcast live - Friday 11 December at 7pm," she explained.

"One day in the life of Clara Dalloway - a woman torn by feelings and passions. Virginia Woolf reveals what is hidden behind the facade of order, harmony and family happiness. The character of the writer is introduced to the performance and it is she who brings to life other people of the drama" - we read in the description the performance. "Virginia provokes situations between them, instigates them, plays with emotions, but her ironic view of their flaws is full of tenderness and sense of humor" - added.

As explained, "Virginia tries to find meaning in her life by understanding the characters she creates."

"Although it takes place on a specific day, in a specific epoch, in a specific place, Mrs. Dalloway is not a museum exhibit, and her universality (if you use this threadbare and imprecise word) is revealed in the questions she confronts us with today. What is it, this thing called life? How to deal with it - how to understand it, how to lead it? How to understand your femininity in its magnificence and imposed limitations? How to realize it and at what cost? " - wrote Magda Heydel in the essay for the show's program.

The translation is by Krystyna Tarnowska. Adaptation and direction - Magdalena Miklasz. The set design was designed by Tomasz Walesiak, and the costumes by Hanka Podraza. Monika Stolarska is responsible for the direction of the lights.


The performance features: Anna Stela (Virginia), Agnieszka Roszkowska (Klarysa Dalloway), Waldemar Barwiński (Piotr Walsh), Anna Gorajska (Sally Seton), Marcin Sztabiński (Ryszard Dalloway), Weronika Krystek (Lukrecja), Marcin Wojciechowski (Septimus) and Anna Szymańczyk (Miss Doris Kilman). (PAP)

author: Grzegorz Janikowski

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