The 21st Silent Film Festival has started online

The 21st Silent Film Festival has started online

Films with the participation of great stars of silent cinema, such as: Marlena Dietrich, Gloria Swanson, Rudolph Valentino, Lyda Borelli, Pola Negri and Emil Jannings were included in the program of the 21st Silent Film Festival in the online formula - the Polish Film Institute (PISF) reported on Twitter ).

As explained, the theme of this year's edition, which will end on December 6, is melancholy.


"Although the formula of the event has changed, the festival, as in previous years, is taking a closer look at the phenomenon of cinema before the sound breakthrough. Some films, similar to old screenings from the beginning of the 20th century, will be shown together with a concert performed by artists representing various musical styles. from the production will be available in versions with ready-made music by recognized artists "- we read on the PISF website.

It was noted that "some of the festival films inspire reflection on the place of man in the world, such as Marcel L'Herbier in + Man of Open Spaces +".

"The main character of the drama + Atlantis + August Blom learns about the power of the sea on his own skin. The topic of unequal struggles with nature is also discussed in the document + The Great White Silence + by Herbert G. Ponting" - the festival organizers wrote.

It was noted that "there will be no shortage of silent melodramas with the participation of great cinema divas, led by Marlena Dietrich, as in the film + The Woman You Miss + or Gloria Swanson in the melodrama + Outside the rocks + with Rudolf Valentino".

Moreover, the festival program includes the films: "The Flower of Evil" and "The Beast" by Aleksander Hertz, "the only Polish film work with Pola Negri, which has survived in its entirety to this day". "The breath of the Orient will bring a spectacular + Shiraz +, and an atmospheric journey in time will be provided by a screening of short films + A Dream about Old Krakow +, containing images of the city from the beginning of the 20th century" - wrote on the PISF website.


"An original shot of American history will be provided to the viewers by Bill Morrison and his + Dawson City: Time Stopped +. An interesting story about the beginnings of the 10th muse is also told by the documentary + Be Yourself, or the Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blache + Pamela B. Green" - we read about the festival program.

The festival is organized jointly by the Foundation for Cinema and Kino Pod Baranami. Most of the films will remain available to viewers until December 10 at: .

The event is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute (PAP)

author: Grzegorz Janikowski

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