3 Reasons Why Women should wear a watch

3 Reasons Why Women should wear a watch

"A Stitch in time saves nine" so keeping track of time is really important. As clocks and watches are being replaced by smartphones and other devices so here you will get some good reasons why wearing watches are good and how women who wear watches are more successful.

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  1. Because of having an elegant style.


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Dress watch these are a new trend these days. One usually find themselves more formal. Most of the time it becomes hectic to decide with the accessory for which one to opt for. A good dressing is depicted by the accessories you choose to go with your outfit.

Watches with a metal body is awesome to finish off with any sought of outwear whether it be traditional, western, official etc.

There are certain plastic and leather watches and bands also which you used to wear those can be used for swimming, exercise or any other sporty activity.

  1. 2. A good source to impress in job interviews.


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A job interview is as scary as anything and here it is important to leave a good impression on your boss. Wearing a watch is a sign that you are a serious professional. The famous co-founder of Manager Tools "Mark Horstman" says that it is important to manage time in interviews. Here if you check the time by pulling your phone it may lead to bad impression whereas if you wear a watch you can easily avoid getting a bad impression or else they might think you are checking your messages or emails.

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  1. 3. They keep track of time.


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Women who know how to manage time are more organized because they know how to perform more activities or accomplish more tasks in a day. A simple elegant watch with any outfit would help you to flair your style without taking you away from your theme just like " Micah Gianneli"- a fashion blogger.

Note - It is always worth investing in a quality watch, especially the classic style which never goes out of fashion. Watches are often seen as a status symbol and the choice of watch you wear will speak about your personality.



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