What to do if your marriage gets cancelled due to the COVID 19 outbreak?

What to do if your marriage gets cancelled due to the COVID 19 outbreak?

Marriage is an occasion which every person waits for in their life, everyone wants their marriage to be so amazing and memorable so that they can remember it for their life! As our whole routine lives are upside down due to coronavirus, so are the important occasions that were already lined up. 

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The same scenario goes for people who have their marriage in the upcoming months and they have to delay their marriages due to this. There are many things which you must have been planned and must have done stuff like shopping, pre-wedding shoot and so on. But due to all this epidemic, things have been turned on and off.

Here are some points you can take care of while you are facing this situation:

  • Keep your dresses, jewelry everything you have purchased properly, even it is suggested you should pack them in a safe suitcase so that you can be relieved that your things are proper.
  • Update your each and every guest if you have already distributed your wedding invitations so that no chaos and miscommunication takes place.
  • You must have maintained your health routine for the skin glowing eve, and don’t leave it in between because once good things break it is hard to have them back.
  • Build up your finances, and maintain them. Keep your money properly which you have to use at your wedding so that no imbalance occurs.


These are some points you should take care of when you are in this situation. So don’t stress much, Good days are coming and everyone knows health is everything so until then just focus on being more beautiful so that you can look pretty and amazing.

Marriage is a day which you should remember always, don’t forget to make the best of it. Also, postpone your wedding in such a way that you don’t have to compromise on your honeymoon destinations.