4 Ways To Make A Statement With Glitter Footwear

4 Ways To Make A Statement With  Glitter Footwear

Hey Girls!! Have you ever tried the glitter footwears? If not, here we've got some interesting ways you can make a statement with this footwear. What comes to mind when you think of glitter shoes, it's an old trend. So let’s bring it back. Gone are the days when ladies used to try the glitter footwear in New Year's Eve and Parties. So this time try glitter footwear we are sure, you’ll definitely love the combination of it with your dress. Have a glance!!


1.Go with glitter Ankle Boots.


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Ankle boots will be a versatile option to go with. Glitter boots come in all sorts of styles. If you are casually dressed up then you should definitely go with a glitter ankle boot. You can go with a black or dark coloured dress and then can easily match your ankle glitter boots for a flirty evening look!

  1. 2. Go with glitter Sneakers


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Sneakers are also a good option which will easily go with your jeans. If you are not in a mood to wear heals then glitter sneakers with lace will give you a cool look. In sneakers, you can get an option of heel sneakers or a flat one. Opt for the one which will go with your dress. Sneakers can go with skirts, jeans, or any casual dress, it will give you a classy look.


  1. 3. Glitter Flats


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If you would like to go for some out-of-the-box shoe styles then you can go for ballerina style wrapped up the ribbon with glitter flats. This can be easily matched with skirts, dungarees and many more…

4.Glitter Stilettos


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Most women generally opt for glitter stilettos nowadays. As stilettos make the right impact with our selection for the party. It can be easily matched with any outfit you opt for. So if you are in love with heals and want to try it for a party go for glitter stilettos.

Glitter footwear can be the best option you can make a statement with. New shoes are the best way to brighten a dull day and Cinderella is the proof of that!!!


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