4 Ways to Wear Chambray Shirt

4 Ways to Wear Chambray Shirt

Hey, Have you ever heard of chambray shirts? Generally, the chambray shirt is a summer staple but you can wear it at any season. Want to refresh your style this season, then go through our 4 Ways of Wearing Chambray Shirt.

1.Style your Chambray Shirt with leather Trousers


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If you wanna wear in Winters then go with the leather trousers that will keep you warm and stylish. Here in the above picture fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, tried a look of a cowgirl with a pair of leather trousers with combat boots and of course a chambray shirt.

2. Go with Chambray Shirt and Suede Skirts


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As suede skirts are heavier over cotton ones which will give make you feel less colder. You can also go with a line suede skirt and a chambray shirt.

3.Channel it with flared jeans paired with a chambray shirt.


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Go for a carefree look to style yourself Annabelle Fleurs had made a statement with a chambray shirt with a boot cut pants. Bohemian Hat can add more value to your look.You can also go with a flared jeans with a button front skirt.

4.Chambray shirt with a fall-inspired skirt


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Embellished skirts,Leather skirts are generally thicker than are normal skirts. It looks fantastic with chambray shirt and skirt. With that go with a collar necklace and heels.


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