Few Steps For Great Feet

Few Steps For Great Feet

To be honest, feet are not often a priority in your grooming spectra. It is often taken up for granted. If you want to make your feet better and soft, come follow our tips below and show your feet the extra love they deserve!



Start off with a clean slate. Foam up your feet properly in the tub and get in between every toe. Go for warm water, add a soak of your choice and let them soak for 5 minutes. Remove your feet from the soak and while they are still slightly wet, buff both feet carefully with a file, using either the coarse or fine grains to file away calluses and dull skin.


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After a proper cleanse, it’s time to get rid of those dead skin cells. Depending on your feet’s condition, use a scrub that does double the trick (cleanse and hydrate) or go for a light polish with nourishing oils and ingredients for a gentler feel. Exfoliate for about a minute, then wipe off the remains of the scrub with a damp towel, leaving your feet refreshed and smooth. For some over-the-top care, also try using a cuticle scrub.



Time to get out your pedicure kit. To avoid any sharp edges, trim your nails is when they are still soft and warm. Cut your nails straight across and don’t dig into corners (no one likes ingrown ends). File your nails carefully in a straight angle and use the emery board underneath the edge to gently shape and smooth each nail.


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Since your feet and nails spend most their time cramped into shoes or sandals, it is even more important to add some extra hydration and nurture. Switch up the protection by applying moisture gel or nail food to revitalize fragile and dry nails. 


It’s time to get smooth, soft and flexible when all nails are set and done. Treat your feet to a great moisturiser that will please your needs. Use a richer cream for cracked heels, mix a little foot serum to an overnight feet mask, go for a super nourishing cream, a cooling cream in warm temperatures or in case of some unwanted odour, go for a fresh foot spray.


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